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KLM is going to block its route between Amsterdam and Liverpool
15 December 2011
Netherland: Due to current difficult economic climate dutch Airlines KLM has announced that it will discontinue its flights between Amsterdam and Liverp  read more...
Flight Diverted in US after Man Tried to Open Door of the Plane
09 May 2011
Houston: A Continental flight which was bound for Chicago made an emergency landing at St. Louis after a passenger tried to open the exit door to get out   read more...
15 Killed in Indonesia Crash
08 May 2011
Papua: On Saturday, An Indonesian plane carrying almost 27 people crashed into the sea off the remote Papua province, according to the transport ministry.   read more...
American Airlines Flight made an Emergency Landing
07 May 2011
Miami: A flight of American Airlines which was supposed to go San Francisco with 166 passengers on board made an emergency landing in Las Vegas on Friday.  read more...
US Airways to Increase its Fares
27 April 2011
America: Due to higher fuel costs the US Airways and Delta Airlines are going to increase the price of their fares and would provide fewer seats from comi  read more...
Passenger Attacked a Flight Attendant
25 April 2011
Rome: An aglitated passenger attacked a flight attendant and asked that the flight be diverted to Triploli Libya, on late Sunday. It was an Alitalia flight 329  read more...
Sri Lankan Airlines to fly additional Flights
25 April 2011
Colombo: The Sri Lankan Airlines will fly some additional flights to India for the devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. Sri Sathya Sai Baba died on Sunday in Putt  read more...
Air Traffic controller watched movie at the time of Duty
19 April 2011
Ohio: In Ohio, an air traffic controller and his manager have been suspended. The air traffic controller and his manager were found watching movie at the   read more...
Qantas raises airfares
19 April 2011
Australia: The Air Carrier Qantas Airways has announced increases in fuel surcharges on international routes due to the surging fuel prices, adding AUD$10  read more...
ICPA directed its members not to operate flights to Kathmandu
19 April 2011
New Delhi: The Biggest association of Air India Pilots, India Commercial Pilot's Association has told
its members not to 
ATCS Asleep on The Job in US Nevada
14 April 2011
Nevada: Two more Air Traffic Cotrollers have been suspended by US aviation regulators. The air traffic controllers fell asleep during on their job, includ  read more...
Alaska Air Flight Returned After Bird hit
11 April 2011
California: On Saturday, A flight of Alaska Airlines returned after one of its jet engines sucked a bird inside, the incident occurs after it took off fr  read more...
Woman Delivered a Baby in Flight
09 April 2011
Delhi: In a Spicejet flight which was coming through Kolkata to Delhi, a woman delivered a baby girl on board, Friday morning. The mother of baby girl Chi  read more...
Airbus to Launch A320
06 April 2011
Germany: On Wednesday, Airbus said that by next six months it is going to bring forward the entry into service of a new version of its A320 passenger jet.  read more...
Philippine Airlines Started Flights to Delhi
04 April 2011
Philippine: Philippine Airlines has started its India operation, the carrier launched 6 flights per weekon Manila-Delhi sector. 3 flights from these will  read more...
Southwest Airlines continues to cancel its flights
04 April 2011
United States of America: The Airline carrier Southwest airlines has cut some flights again on Monday. It has cut 70 flights as it continued to inspect Bo  read more...
Kuwait Airways launched its New Flights
04 April 2011
Delhi: The Kuwait Airways has said that it is launching daily of flights between Kochi and Kuwait starting from 28 of March 2011.
Southwest Airlines cancels another 300 flights
03 April 2011
USA: The Southwest Airlines cancelled around hundreds of its flight. The airlines cancelled its flights over the weekend. Southwest Airlines inspecte  read more...
Flights to Japan have reduced from America
02 April 2011
America: The air carrier of America American Airlines cut its number of flights to Japan. It would reduce two of its six daily flights to Japan from April  read more...
Fares Rises by Air France KLM
01 April 2011
France: On Friday, France air carrier Air France KLM said that its raising its prices as inflation increased. Rise in Price will help the group to maintai  read more...
Fake bomb carried in UK flight
30 March 2011
United Kingdom: A Fake bomb was carried by UPS flight from UK to Turkey. According to the investigation the was put on a cargo plane which was containing   read more...
Japan Airlines Cutting its Flights
29 March 2011
Honolulu: Japan Airlines is slashing international capacity, and going to cut back three daily Hawaii flights from two from April. On the day Japan Airlines em  read more...
New Flights from British Airways
29 March 2011
UK: The New flights have been started from Britsh Airways. These flights are to Marrakech from London Gatwick. 

Freighter AN-12 crashed in Congo
28 March 2011
Congo: In the republic of Congo at last 16 people have been killed onboard because of An-12 freighter crashed. The cargo aircraft crashed into several bui  read more...
Passenger number rises in Singapore's Airlines
28 March 2011
Singapore: Singapore Airlines will provide thrice-weekly services to Sao Paulo via Barcelona from 28th March, 2011 which continent first time in Singapore  read more...
Lufthansa resumed its flights to Tokyo
28 March 2011
Tokyo: Lufthansa resumed its flights to Tokyo on Thursday. The following was disrupt by the march 11 tsunami and earthquake.

Bahrain suspended its flights to and from Lebanon
28 March 2011
Bahrain: Bahrain flight has been suspended to and from Lebanon, after it warned its nationals not to travel there following declarations of support by Ira  read more...
Protests against EasyJet Airlines in Jordan
28 March 2011
Jordan: EasyJet airlines has been expanded its low-cost offering deep in the middle east and launched a new service to Amman, Jordan. Some people have cri  read more...
New services by Airlines of Asia
28 March 2011
Singapore: Tiger Airways has increased its flights to Jakarta, Kuala Lumper, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, City, Macau, and Manila. Thai Air Asia started a new da  read more...
Fire made an emergency landing in Sydney
24 March 2011
Sydney: Fire in cockpit made an emergency landing at Cairns. In a Qantas Airbus A330-200 an electrical fault became the reason of fire near the left   read more...
Philippine Airlines flight made an emergency landing due to bomb scare
24 March 2011
San Francisco: A bomb threat evacuated a Philippine Airlines Flight as it touched San Francisco International Airport. A telephone call was made to the Ph  read more...
LA bound to made an emergency landing in Utah
24 March 2011
Los Angles: According to the officials a LA-bound airliner made and emergency landing at Salt Lake City's International Airport. The crew reported that&nb  read more...
Memory cards smuggling through the Airlines
23 March 2011
Delhi: Mobile phone memory cards have been found smuggling at Indra Gandhi International Airport. These memory cards are small, easy to hide and it is ea  read more...
Travellers waited two hours for the pilot to take the flight, in Mumbai
23 March 2011
Mumbai: In Mumbai around 100 passangers were stuck for two hours in a Kingfisher flight on Monday because the crew of cockpit did not report to duty on th  read more...
Technical problem delays Cebu Pacific plane in Iloilo Airport
24 February 2011
Iloilo City: Seventy two passengers bound for Cebu have been stranded at the Iloilo airport since 9:05 a.m. Thursday after a Cebu Pacific plane was delayed due to technical problems.

British Airways and British Midland International cancel Libya flights
24 February 2011
Two UK airlines have cancelled flights in and out of Libya as Britons are being advised to leave the strife torn country on commercial flights.

British Airways 
Air New Zealand forced to cancel some domestic flights
24 February 2011
Air New Zealand says it has had to cancel some flights on domestic routes in order to increase departures out of earthquake-hit Christchurch.

Chief executive R 
Fog disrupts flight operations at IGI Airport
22 February 2011
New Delhi: Dense fog disrupted flight operations at the IGI airport this morning leading to diversion of three flights.

A number of flights got delayed while t 
Many flights canceled or delayed at Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport
22 February 2011
The Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport is open, but many flights have been delayed or canceled, according to airports website.

Fifteen departures hav 
Plane makes emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport
22 February 2011
USA: A passenger plane made an emergency landing at Indianapolis International Airport this morning after the pilot reported a burning smell in the cockpit.

All New Zealand flights grounded after earthquake
22 February 2011
New Zealand: Flights across New Zealand have been grounded after the Christchurch earthquake.

Auckland Airport spokesman Richard Llewellyn told NZPA the nation  read more...
Delta flight makes emergency landing in Florida
21 February 2011
Florida: A Delta Air Lines flight from Florida to Minneapolis made an emergency return landing in Florida Sunday after one of its engines broke apart, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported.

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Flights cancelled as cyclone batters Fiji
21 February 2011
Fiji: National airline Air Pacific has renewed calls to customers to check their website or contact their call centre for the latest information regarding their flights.

False alarm delays flights at Reagan National Airport
19 February 2011
US: A flight had an emergency landing at Reagan National Airport on Friday morning due to a false alarm. US Airways flight 3116 from Manchester was descending into the airport when a flight attend  read more...
System glitch delays 64 flights at Kuala Lumpur Airport
19 February 2011
Kuala Lumpur: Sixty four flights were delayed due to a three hour partial system failure of the Air Traffic Management System that controls all departures and arrivals of aircraft at the Kuala Lumpur   read more...
Fog continues to disrupt air traffic in Lucknow
19 February 2011
Lucknow: Low visibility following foggy weather continued to disrupt air traffic at Amausi airport on Friday morning. Three flights two from Delhi and one from Mumbai arrived late much to the disc  read more...
2 jets land safely in Massachusetts after lightning strike
19 February 2011
USA: Two JetBlue airliners en route to Boston were struck by lightning late last night, forcing one to make an emergency landing after the smell of smoke was reported in the cockpit.

Fog disrupts air operations at IGI airport
17 February 2011
New Delhi: The mercury dipped below normal in the national capital this morning, while a thick layer of fog disrupted flight operations in the early hours.

Air traffic control hitch affecting UK flights resolved
17 February 2011
UK: Air Traffic controllers say problems they were experiencing over the North of England and Scotland have been resolved.

Operations are back to normal, Natio 
A small airplane landed in Idaho Falls after a lightning strike
17 February 2011
USA: Wednesday night weather caused problems for a single engine plane.

According to Idaho Falls Police lightning hit the two seat plane forcing it to make an   read more...
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