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Pamplona Bull Race Two injured in first day of running of the bulls
09 July
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In Pamplona, the annual running of the bulls has started from Wednesday. On this first day hundreds of runners had to endure a very bad situation. All of them got success and saved their lives, but just two of them, an Australian and a Spaniard, were taken to hospital with injuries.

It is considered an annual tradition in Pamplona, and started four hundreds years ago. This event has enumerated 14 deaths since 1924.  Last year a Spanish man got thousands of injuries. But it became so popular after the book "The Sun Also Rises," written by Ernest Hemingway wrote about it in the 1920s. This was also published with another title "Fiesta."Now this is broadcasted live by state television TVE.

An 18-year-old man from Melbourne, Australia got very serious injuries, and then he was taken to hospital. And a Spanish man of 20, from Zaragoza was also taken to hospital due to an eye injury. Now both were found in stable condition but sustained close observation.

There six bulls were present at the time of running with a tedious guidance. After 17 seconds of the rockets fired, bulls were made to run. But the guidance were removed expeditiously through the cobblestone streets of old Pamplona.                                                                                                                          

At the place of run, mostly men were in the traditional white outfits with red handkerchiefs. There some women were also seen. Football helmets, cameras and people with drink were prohibited. But hundreds of police officers failed to notice a man with football helmet.

The run will continue for eight days, from July 7 to July 14. This run is the highlight of the festival San Fermin in Pamplona and attracts hundreds of thousands to the non-stop fiesta.

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