27 May 2020
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Haiti Events
Discovery Day Haiti
05-05 December 2010
Discovery Day is also one of the marked holidays in Haiti. 5th December is celebrated as the Discovery Day in Haiti. On this occasion, the discovery of Haiti by Christopher Columbus in 1492, is commem  read more...
Dessalines Day Haiti
17-17 October 2010
Dessalines Day in Haiti is on the 17th of October.

This day is remembered to mark the anniversary of the death of Jean Jacques Dessalines, the revolutionary w  read more...
Flag Day Haiti
18-18 May 2010
In Haiti, Flag Day is a major national holiday celebrated with much vigour, set in the grounds of the National Palace.

The Flag Day celebrations vary from liv 
Army Day Of Haiti
30-30 November -0001
Vertieres Day in Haiti is celebrated on the 18th of November. It is one of the important holidays in Haiti. This day commemorates the Haitian victory over the French in the Battle of Vertieres in the   read more...
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